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International Symposium on
Halogenated Persistent Organic Pollutants

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Welcome to Conference

Dioxin 2020 in Nantes, France has been Cancelled

Supporting Sponsors

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International Support

The Organization and Scientific Committee of Dioxin2020 together with the International Advisory Board express their gratitude to the French public partners and the international private sponsors for their strong support during the scientific event post-cancellation management phase.

These companies, specialists in persistent organic pollutants both in providing high quality reference standards, specific consumables necessary for their quantification and their high performance measurement by mass spectrometry, did not hesitate for a moment to grant part or all of the amount planned for their sponsoring budget to the Dioxin2020 Organization Committee in order to limit the losses incurred by the cancellation of the symposium.

We thank them for their generous support and strongly encourage you to register and participate in their webinars.


Dioxin20XX is a non-profit organization founded by the International Advisory Board of the International Symposium on Halogenated Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) for the purpose of promoting scientific education and research on POPs. Dioxin20XX facilitates the organization of the annual International “Dioxin” Symposium and publishes “Organohalogen Compounds”. The annual International Dioxin Symposium provides a forum for presentations of cutting-edge scientific research on POPs across all disciplines, including analytical and environmental chemistry, molecular biology, human health, risk assessment, and risk management.

The Organohalogen Compounds (OHC) database maintained at this website contains short papers presented at the Dioxin Symposia since 1990.

The database is freely available and searchable without a password.

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Organohalogen Compounds (OHC) database