Hutzinger Student Award


Award Description

The Otto Hutzinger Student Award is presented for outstanding student presentations at the annual Dioxin Symposium to acknowledge their scientific contribution to the field of halogenated persistent organic pollutants. This award honors Professor Otto Hutzinger as the initiator of the dioxin symposia and his continuing interest as a teacher and researcher committed to moving science forward and to stimulating young students and the next generation of scientists. The Otto Hutzinger Student Awards (typically six per conference) are presented by the Secretariat of the International Advisory Board of the Dioxin Symposia on the final day of the conference during the closing ceremony. The Award consists of a plaque reflecting a local aspect of the current year's Dioxin Symposium and a cash check. See the list of student award winners

Application Guidelines

All current students (undergraduate or graduate) who submit their manuscript to the annual Dioxin Symposium for either oral or poster presentation are encouraged to apply. Applicants must be the first author of their paper and present their work while at the Dioxin Symposium. Applications for the Otto Hutzinger Student Award must be made by the student through the online submission of their paper. In addition, proof of student status is required (including, inscription, supporting letter from major professor, supporting letter from Department Chairperson or other official documentation) and must also be submitted to the Conference Secretariat (scanned copies can be sent per e-mail).

Selection Process

All eligible submissions received prior to the official conference deadline will be screened by the Conference Secretariat and assigned to one of the three following categories:
  1. Sources, environmental occurrence, and technology
  2. Analysis, transformation, and emergining POPs
  3. Toxicology, human exposure, and risk assessment.
The Otto Hutzinger Student Award Committee consists of internationally recognized researchers who will be appointed as judges. Criteria for evaluation of student oral or poster presentations will include originality and completeness of the work presented as well as the quality of the paper submitted. The judges will attend each student's presentation and are also encouraged to interview the students to evaluate the students ability to effectively and succinctly communicate the objectives, methods, results and impact of their research as well as their ability to interact with the scientific audience. Based on the above, the judges will nominate two students from each of the three categories to receive the Otto Hutzinger Student Award.

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